3 Steps to Take After the ACT, SAT

July 29 , 2020 1:54 AM
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MOST ADVICE ABOUT taking the ACT and SAT instructs students on what to do in the days, weeks and months before the exam. However, the post-test period is also important because it requires specific and time-sensitive action from test-takers. If you have just taken the ACT or SAT or plan to do so, follow these three post-exam steps as soon

Order Additional Score Reports if Necessary

Paying ACT and SAT test-takers are allotted four free score reports – the document that outlines your results – per sitting. If you retake either assessment, you will be entitled to four then, as well. Students with fee waivers are allowed an unlimited number of SAT score reports, while on the ACT the number is an additional 20 reports per exam.

The cost is $13 per college for each additional ACT score report and $12 for each additional SAT score report. Note that rush delivery incurs an extra fee.

On exam day, many students send their scores to four schools on their college short list. But students who forget colleges on their short list or who prefer not to choose right away are not obligated to.

The College Board, for example, allows students to use their four free SAT score reports even after test day. Don’t delay too long, though. The offer expires after nine days and the fee becomes $12 unless you have a waiver. For both the ACT and SAT, students can order a new score report at any time if they decide to apply to a new college.